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Solar Panel Packages Available With RAL Energy

2kW Plus Battery Storage

2kW all black panels

3.6kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter

5.32kWh Sunsynk Battery

Sunsynk Connect Mobile App

Fully installed Including scaffold

All paperwork completed

4kW Plus Battery Storage

4kW all black panels

3.6kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter

5.32kWh Sunsynk Battery

Sunsynk Connect Mobile App

Fully installed Including scaffold

All paperwork completed

6kW Plus Battery Storage

6kW all black panels

3.6kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter

5.32kWh Sunsynk Battery

Sunsynk Connect Mobile App

Fully installed Including scaffold

All paperwork completed

8kW Plus Battery Storage

8kW all black panels

5.5kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter

2x 5.32kWh Sunsynk Battery

Sunsynk Connect Mobile App

Fully installed Including scaffold

All paperwork completed

Your Trusted Source For Solar Panels In The North West

At RAL Energy, we are a provider of Solar Panels in the North West region! As experts in solar panel installation, our team at RAL Energy specialise in designing and installing high-quality solar PV systems tailored to meet your energy needs.

Our solar panel systems are a benchmark in renewable energy solutions, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint while making a smart investment for the future. Trust us to guide you through every step of your sustainable energy journey.
If you have been searching for a team to install solar panels on your residential or commercial property in the North West, you are in the right place; our team are on hand to help reduce your energy bills today!
Get in touch for more information; we are always happy to help provide solar PV panels and solar power battery systems! Installing solar panels can make a massive difference to how you generate electricity.

Local Suppliers Of Solar PV Systems Across The North West

Are you seeking a reliable and local supplier of solar panels in the North West? Look no further, mainly if you’re located near iconic landmarks like the Lake District, Blackpool Tower, or the bustling streets of Manchester and Liverpool.

We are your neighbourhood experts in solar panel installation, bringing the power of renewable energy right to your doorstep. Our top-of-the-range Solar PV Panels are designed to provide the most efficient energy solutions, perfectly capturing the abundant solar energy in our region.

Whether you have a home overlooking the Mersey River or a business near the historic Chester Rows, our solar solutions are tailored to meet your needs. When you opt for our services, you’re not just choosing an alternative to traditional power sources but investing in a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Make the switch today and experience the countless benefits of solar energy, all while supporting a local North West business committed to greener living. You won’t receive a better solar PV installation anywhere else; our electrical engineers are second to none!

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RAL Energy Solar Panels

Expert Solar Panel Installation Services

Discover the gold standard in solar solutions with our expert solar panel installation services. Our team of certified technicians has the skills and knowledge to ensure your transition to solar energy is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your needs.

Using the latest technologies and best practices, we take pride in setting up solar panel systems that meet and exceed industry standards. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures optimum performance and durability.

Trust us to empower your home or business with a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source, setting you on a greener, brighter future. The solar panel system we install at your home or residential property can include solar battery storage, preparing your property for a greener future!

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Services We Provide

Commercial And Residential Solar Panel Solutions

At RAL Energy, we offer comprehensive solar panel solutions for both commercial and residential clients. Understanding that energy needs vary from homes to businesses, we customise our solar panel systems to meet your unique requirements.

For our residential clients, we focus on maximising energy output with solar PV panels that blend seamlessly into the aesthetics of your home, all while reducing your electricity bills and carbon footprint.

On the commercial side, we offer scalable solutions designed to power large facilities, ensuring energy efficiency and sustainability are at the forefront of your business operations.

Our expert solar panel installation services are conducted by certified technicians, ensuring that we have the right solution for you, whether you are a homeowner looking for a sustainable energy alternative or a business aiming to achieve corporate social responsibility goals.

If you are ready to have solar panels installed at your commercial or residential property to begin your journey into renewable energy, contact our team at RAL Energy today!


Solar panels can reduce your business environmental footprint while also saving you money every year. Over the minimum 25 year life span of solar panels you could save thousands of pounds not only this but by choosing solar for your business premises your lowering your Carbon footprint and also indicating that your business is committed to green and sustainable practices.


We offer a wide range of systems for your domestic household, we supply high efficiency solar panels which will generate electricity through Natural day light for you then to use on your household appliances. These high efficiency panels working alongside sunsynks 3.6kw/5.5kw/8.8kw bi- directional inverters offers you the perfect system for your needs. We also supply Sunsynk battery storage systems that are perfect for storing your electricity generated and using at peak times in the day to further cut your costs down.

Why Choose RAL Energy For Solar Panels?

Choosing RAL Energy for your solar panel needs means choosing unparalleled quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction. As industry leaders in renewable energy, we pride ourselves on delivering state-of-the-art solar PV panels and expert solar panel installation services.

Our team of certified technicians undergoes rigorous training to ensure that your customised solar energy system is installed to the highest standards.

But our commitment to you goes beyond the installation; we offer comprehensive after-sales support and maintenance to keep your system performing optimally for years.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to reduce your carbon footprint or a business seeking scalable, sustainable energy solutions, RAL Energy is your trusted partner in achieving a greener, brighter future.

Start Your Sustainable Energy Journey Today - Choose RAL Energy For Solar Panels North West

Start your sustainable energy journey today by choosing RAL Energy for your Solar Panels in the North West. As your local experts in renewable energy, we offer tailor-made solar panel systems that perfectly suit your residential or commercial needs.

From the initial consultation to expert installation and ongoing maintenance, our team of certified professionals is dedicated to making your transition to solar energy seamless and rewarding.

With RAL Energy, you’re not just opting for an alternative power source; you’re making a long-term investment in a cleaner, more sustainable future for yourself and your community.

Don’t wait to take the first step towards energy independence and a greener tomorrow—choose RAL Energy for all your solar needs in the North West.

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About Us

RAL Energy is made up of a group of experienced Renewable Energy professionals.

With years of experience installing energy saving and low carbon technologies across UK homes and businesses.

We offer a range of battery storage system solutions to meet every type of requirement for your home or business.

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Our Testimonials

What Our Happy Clients Say

The guys did a fantastic job , from having them round to price to having it fitted was less than 2 weeks . The scaffold was but up Thursday and taken down Saturday, the work took 1.5 days . All panels fitted neatly just how I wanted them . Equipment is good quality and overall neat job . Really pleased and look forward to saving on my energy bill (can’t stop checking the app)

Chris Williams

Nothing was too much trouble from the whole team, worked late to get the job done. Excellent install and haven’t payed for electricity since the solar and batteries have been installed

Mark fisher

These guys came in to rectify cowboy works that had taken place in my house on a solar system. From the start they were straight talking, totally genuine and offered their support in making sure they evidenced the works so that I had a strong case against the cowboy in court. Nothing was too much trouble for them and I couldn’t recommend these guys enough. Top lads and top service. 10/10.

Paral 12

After initial site visit, scaffolding was setup on the weekend prior to installation followed by Andy and team a few days later. After less than one day, we were generating and storing our own electricity. Very painless process and very happy with my installation. App is very handy.

Alan Hall

Just had a new inverter and battery fitted by ral energy. Service was exceptional, fitting was neat and tidy very professional friendly and efficient would certainly recommend.

Michael Tarbuck

Very happy with the work, everyone was polite, well organised and took us though everything that was going to happen. Fantastic after sales service, reasonable price and helpful. Was recommended though family and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone else

David Barber

First class workmanship by a first class team of guys. Cannot praise them enough for efficiency, informative, honest and all round respect for our property. Wouldn't hesitate to recomend this company as this is our we found out about them by recomendation

Tina Standish

Fantastic service from RAL. Ordered my system and it was installed the following week and up and running in 1 day. Recommended them to my family and now they have also installed systems for my 2 brothers and my parents. I used to pay £6-8 per day, now I have my Sunsynk inverter and 2 batteries I only pay my 50p standing charge!! 100% recommend RAL!

Joel Egan

Excellent job done by RAL Energy—Solar Panels, Inverter and Battery all fitted and up and running in one day. Thanks Andrew,Ryan &Lee for your hard work.

Susan Egan

All reviews taken from Google.